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Thursday 6 June 2019

Suffolk's 'pub guru' has been on his bike again. This time for a wander around what he called east and southeast Suffolk but he obviously had his sat nav upside down as in reality he was in our branch area of West Suffolk.

Icklingham Red Lion.
Not open yet, but huge amounts of work going on (a lot of vans there Yesterday) so evidently heading in the right direction.
Mildenhall Half Moon.
New signage but still a Hungry Horse, so no change apart from that.
Mildenhall Maid's Head.
Looks like the removal of GK branding I noticed last year *is* permanent and not just during works. Didn't get chance to look in and see if there's anything other than GK beers on though. I seem to recall that's all there was last time.
Mildenhall Bell.
On the market but still trading. Big renovation work going on which involves blocking half the road so it needs traffic control, which is a bloody nuisance on the High Street.
Beck Row King's Head.
All GK branding has been removed and there's a new sign (plain and boring) and a new paint-job. It evidently HAS gone ex-GK as there's a bloody-great poster advertising Doom Bar on the fence, which I'm sure GK wouldn't allow if that was a guest ale.
Kentford Kentford.
Updated opening hours:
Mon: closed Tue: 1200-1500 Wed-Thu: 1200-1500, 1800-2300 Fri: 1030-1500, 1800-2300 Sat: 1600-2300 Sun: 1200-1600 May close early if quiet
Gazeley Chequers.
I had an interesting chat with the owner and the brewster. They're now open Thursday and Friday, 1700-"late"; precise closing time depends how busy they are (they're licensed until the small-hours). They're also experimenting with opening during the day at weekends, though again this will depend on how busy things are, so I recommend anyone planning a visit calls ahead. Apparently trade is picking up, albeit slowly (well, it is only a small village) with people coming in from several villages around the area.

All their beers (from the in-house Munson's Brewery) are served via keykeg. I tried three - a nice chestnut ale, an un-fined hoppy light ale (which despite a strong hop nose had a good balance of hops and malt) plus a VERY tasty saison (not a style I usually like but I could drink this all night, except for the fact that it's a hefty 7.5%). I only had a small taster of each, as I still had at least 25-30 miles more to pedal...

They plan to increase production and have bought Alan Thompson's Old Chimneys kit. (And some good news for lovers of Alan's Good King Henry, this will apparently continue to be brewed elsewhere even though Alan's closed his operation down).
Lidgate Star.
Updated opening hours:
Mon: closed Tue: 1700-2200 Wed-Sat: 1200-1430, 1700-2300 Sun: 1200-1700
Flempton Greyhound.
Still empty. I think this is one to write off.
Tony Green