WONDERFUL FESTIVAL A report by our Branch Chairman

The 26th East Anglian Beer and Cider Festival was a resounding success for all the people who attended and enjoyed all the beers and ciders. There was higher footfall this year, 3,760. There were 126 beers in total. The cider bar was separate from the main bar and this certainly allowed the cider drinkers to have their own space to enjoy their drinks. Also this year the festival had separate areas for key keg beer, from 3 Blind Mice brewery in Cambridge, which was very popular.Key Cask (key keg) is real beer as for cask but it is put into a bag fresh, all the air excluded, and the beer is pushed out by gas put in under pressure in the keg and forced up the tap where the glass is waiting. The other variation to the festival was a bottled beer stand promoted by Beautiful Beers of St John’s Street BSE. This stand was an introduction for bottled beers from all over the world so the customers could see how varied the different styles of beers there are. The volunteers came from all walks of life and various charities which have benefited from the profits of the festival in past years. The beer and cider festival is one of the ways which CAMRA can show the general public the wonderful array of beers and ciders which are available. They are concerned, along with pub goers that smaller pubs are being closed and sold for development taking away from the community a valuable resource for meeting in. There are communities which are fighting for the retention of their pubs and CAMRA help with advice and moral support where they can. The next EABCF festival will be 18th - 21st April 2018 when we will have another wonderful selection of beers and ciders.

July 30th. below more photos from 2017 EAST ANGLIAN BEER AND CIDER FESTIVAL presentations that took place at The Dove