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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

LocAle Pubs in Branch Area

How do I find a LocAle Pub?

Pubs which have been given LocAle status by their local CAMRA branch can display the LocAle sticker on their windows/doors. The stickers have the year for which they have been accredited as LocAle pubs by their branch. They may also have posters up in the pub and on the pumps that are serving locally brewed beers there will be LocAle pump clip crowners. Many branches also list the pubs that have LocAle accreditation on their websites and in their local newsletter. You can find your local CAMRA branch via Find your local CAMRA Branch

See below for a list of West Suffolk and Borders LocAle pubs.........

Bildeston Kings Head 132 High Street, IP7 7ED

Bury St Edmunds Beerhouse 1 Tayfen Road, IP32 6BH

Bury St Edmunds The Dove 68 Hospital Road, IP33 3JU

Rattlesden Six Bells High Street, IP30 0RA

Sudbury Brewery Tap 21 East Street, CO10 21P

For more information about LocAle click here

If you know of a pub which you believe meets CAMRA's LocAle criteria please let West Suffolk and Borders CAMRA know, see Contacts page on left